Directions of Jeongsam Transdermal Patch:

  1. Clean the area with towel before using the patch.
  2. Apply at least one patch on the sore spot. For larger area such as the waist, apply at least 2 patches.
  3. Please renew the patches once a day.
  4. Continue to use this product for at least two more days even when thepain is alleviate.

Efficacy of Jeongsam Transdermal Patch:

Jeongsam Transdermal Patch contains Korean medicine Effective functions include antiphlogosis, odgnolysis, promoting blood circulation, rheumatic pains relief and bone regeneration.
Applying Jeongsam Transdermal Patches on the sore spot to help to ease the pain swiftly and effectively.


Those who have hypersensitive skin may have some allergic reactions such as tumescence
and itchiness. When allergy occurs, please terminate the use immediately.